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we provide basic needs for the poor and those in need

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Giving Need Foundation Non-Profit Entity the divisions in its services is community social welfare based currently working hard to build up its reputation in the industry in Southern Africa

To facilitate the development of the human capacity and self-reliance within a caring and enabling socio-economic environment. This will be done by rendering service,in a holistic approach,to children, youth,men,woman and families,and older persons in a holistic manner ensuring the right of all people

to development,security and enhancement of quality of life.This we shall endeavor to achieve by:Maintain in Giving Need Hope Centre to provide quality therapeutic treatment appropriate in order to ensure the maximum quality of life and development

Feeding the poor is our main aim
Food donation & Sanitary

Due to the current covid 19 pandemic we will also specializes in supplying PPE’s, Food parcels,
sanitary towels, school uniform to those in distress, other essential needs and training to the
concerned communities all over Southern Africa

PPE'S Supply
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It is Our Privilege To Give its something we were born with it is not something we adopted and we are the Giving Need Foundation. The organization was established with its main target group and first focus or beneficiary to assist the community of madela as a human settlement which is the origin of the organisation

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Reduce World Poverty

Our aim is to reduce the statistic of a high number of poor people in our community and the world at large

Fund The Poor

Giving back to the back poor helps and gives strength to the agenda of our organization. Helping fight the high statistic of poverty

Shelter For The Poor

Assist our initiative by donating and offering shelter for the homeless and those without families


We ensure that all donations made to this site are intended for those with disadvantaged situations

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Help contribute to the awareness through various donations and participation

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