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About Giving Need Foundation Non-Profit Entity

It is Our Privilege To Give its something we were born with it is not something we adopted and we are the Giving Need Foundation

The organization was established with its main target group and first focus or beneficiary to assist the community of madela as a human settlement which is the origin of the organisation.the organisation first focus was established targeting to assist the madelakufa community as a foundation or a non profit company (NPO) what was before known by the legal term of NGO,main focus on the community social welfare of the madelakufa human settlement in Tembisa, and will escalate and target reach the nearby communities as well as around the country south africa as a whole.

To engage in fundraising for Sustainability The implication is that effective responses to the challenges we face In South Africa must integrate strong trusting relationship with material support.The core principle which underpin psychosocial care and enhance the psychosocial well-being of children and the needy fall within a child rights perspective and include protection from harm,the best interest of the child;child participation;family based care;Ubuntu;social and community integration;social development:sustainability;inter-sectoral collaboration;mainstreaming psychosocial support ;prevention as opposed;cultural appropriateness;gender sensitivity;and age and development appropriateness.

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We strive to build a company where our foundations are ethics, our bricks and mortar are humanity and compassion, and our roof is sustainability.

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